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HORSE GUARDS, LLC Active, Jackson HORSE HAY LLC Active, Lander Horse Insurance Specialists, Inc. Active, Pilot Point Horse-N-Around Hauling, LLC Active, Gillette Horse Play Carriage Service, A Limited Liability Company Active, Gillette Horse Power Enterprises LLC Active, Pavillion Horse Ranch Enterprises, LLC Active, Casper Horse Ranch, LLC Active, Cheyenne Horse & Rider LLC Active, Laramie Horse Sale Central, LLC Active, Powell HORSE SHOE CLEANING Active, HORSE SHOE EXPRESS, INC. Active, Cheyenne Horse Shuttle Active, HORSE SUPPORT LLC Active, Powell HORSE THEIF CREEK POTTERY Active, Horse Thief Saloon, Inc. Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Superior Horse Trap LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Adrian Horse Warriors Active, Jackson Horsecreek Properties, LLC Inactive - Revoked (Tax), Las Vegas Horsecreek Ventures, LLC Active, Cheyenne Horsefly Peak Management, LLC Active, Buffalo Horsehoes and Feathers/Wyoming Western and Wildlife Home Decor Active, Horseless Carriages Automobile Sales LLC Active, Cheyenne HorseNOW.net, LLC Active, Cheyenne HorsePioneer, Inc. Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Cheyenne HorsePower Financial, LLC Active, Lebanon Horsepower for Humans Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Burns Horses To Harleys Active, Horseshoe 1, Ltd. Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Reno Horseshoe Bend Property L.L.C. Active, Buffalo Horseshoe Bison inc. Active, Cheyenne Horseshoe Cheer Company, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Casper Horseshoe Heights, LLC Active, Jackson Horseshoe, LLC Active, Rawlins Horseshoe Ranch, A Wyoming Corporation Active, Dayton Horseshoe-Spear Cattle Company Active, Opal Horseshoe Valley Ranch Co. Active, Glendo Horsetail Ranch, LLC Active, Afton HORSETHIEF PROPERTIES LLC Active, Glenrock Horsetooth Framing & Decking Inc. Active, Fort Collins Horsetooth Properties, LLC Active, Fort Collins Horseworks Wyoming, L.L.C. Active, Thermopolis HORSLEY LLC Active, Sheridan Horsley Paint & Detail LLC Active, Gillette Horsley Specialties, Inc. Active, Rapid City Horst Accoustical Co. Active, Rapid City Horton Family Limited Partnership, L.L.L.P. Active, Clearwater Horton Farms Limited Liability Company Active, Riverton HORTON FUELS, LLC a Limited Liability Company Active, Wheatland Horton Investments, LLC Active, Walland Horton Land and Cattle Company, LLP Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Eaton Horts Irovigroag LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Cheyenne Horus Consulting, LLC Active, Las Vegas HORYMA, CORP Active, Las Vegas HOS MANAGEMENT LLC Active, Laguna Beach Hosanna Missionary Outreach Active, Las Vegas HOSEA INVESTMENTS LLC Active, Cheyenne Hosemasters North America LLC Active, Phoenix Hospice of Laramie Active, Laramie Hospice of Sweetwater County, Inc. Active, Rock Springs Hospira Worldwide, Inc. Active, Lake Forest Hospital Building & Equipment Company Active, Hospital Designers, Inc. Inactive - Revoked (Tax), St. Louis Hospital Housekeeping Systems, LLC Inactive - Revoked (Tax), Austin Hospital Housekeeping Systems, LLC Active, Austin Hospital Management Services, LLC Active, Cheyenne Hospital Pharmacy, Inc. Active, Sheridan Hospital Pharmacy West Active, Hospital RCM Services, LLC Active, Frisco Hospital Shared Services, Inc. Active, Denver Hospitalist Services of Wyoming Active, Hospitalist Services of Wyoming Active, HOSPITALITY ASSET PRESERVATION, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Granite Bay Hospitality Builders, Inc. Active, Rapid City Hospitality Development Corporation Active, Casper Hospitality Endeavors, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Beaumont Hospitality Enterprises Partners L.L.P. Active, Villa Park Hospitality Equipment and Supply Corporation Active, Rawlins Hospitality Group, LLC Active, Gillette Hospitality Investors, LLC Active, Newport Beach Hospitality LLC Active, Buffalo Hospitality Management Advisors, Inc. Active, Cordova Hospitality Management, Inc. Active, Cody Hospitality Partners of Wyoming Inc. Active, Casper Hospitality Research Services, LLC Active, Cheyenne Hospitality Risk Corp Active, Cheyenne Hospitality Services, Inc. Active, las vegas Hospitality Solutions Holdings LLC Active, Jackson Hospitality Solutions LLC Active, Jackson Hospitality Ventures LLC Active, Villa Park Hoss fire LLC Active, Buffalo Hoss Trucking 1 Active, Rock Springs Hoss Trucking 1 LLC Active, Rock Springs Hoss Trucking, LLC Active, Cheyenne Host Group, LLC Active, Sandy Host Halo Active, HOST INKS, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Cheyenne Host International, Inc. Active, Bethesda Host Management Associates, LLC Active, Wilson Host Medics LLC Active, Cheyenne