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Spectral Active, Cheyenne SPECTRAL DEFENSE SYSTEMS INC. Active, Rockville Spectral Signatures Inc. Active, Cheyenne SpectraSite Communications, LLC Active, Boston Spectravo, LLC Active, spectre brands Inc. Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), New York Spectre Holdings LLC Active, Jackson Spectre LLC Active, Buffalo Spectre0012 LLC Active, Jackson SPECTRIX HOLDINGS, LLC Active, Provo Spectrotel Holding Company, LLC Active, Neptune Spectrotel, Inc. Active, Neptune Spectrum Building Services, Inc. Active, Red Lodge SPECTRUM CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTING Active, Spectrum Consulting Services LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Aliso Viejo Spectrum Deed Holdings, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Cheyenne Spectrum Direct Insurance Services Incorporated Inactive - Revoked (Tax), Irvine Spectrum Direct Media Active, Spectrum Distribution LLC Active, Cheyenne Spectrum Engineering and Environmental, LLC Active, Billings SPECTRUM ENGINEERING, INC. Active, Billings Spectrum Enterprises Holdings, LLC Active, Cheyenne Spectrum Enterprises, LLC Active, Cheyenne Spectrum Funding Limited Partnership Active, Anaheim Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc, Active, St. Louis Spectrum Holdings Active, Cheyenne Spectrum, Inc. Active, Las Vegas Spectrum Integrity, Inc. Active, Cheyenne Spectrum Interactive Media LLC Active, Teton Village Spectrum Resources, LLC Active, Jackson Spectrum Solutions Company Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Jackson Spectrum Solutions Holdings, LLC Active, Jackson Spectrum Technical Services, LC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Rock Springs Spectrum Timberland Services Limited Liability Company Active, Laramie Spectrum Tracer Services, LLC Active, Tulsa Spectrum Ventures, Inc. Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), San Juan Capistrano Spectrum Wholesale Insurance Services, LLC Active, Phoenix SPECTRUM WIRELESS SOLUTIONS, INC. Active, Clarkston SPECTRUM WIRELESS SOLUTIONS, LLC Active, Clarkston Spectus-Absolute Vision, LLC Active, Casper SPECULARX LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), San Diego Speech Holdings, LLC. Active, Houston SPEECH MORPHING INVESTMENT LLC Active, Jackson Speechless Publishing, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Rawlins SPEED ENDEAVORS LLC Active, Cheyenne Speed Goat Golden Ale Active, SPEED LAKE FL USA ENTERPRISES, LLC Active, Sarasota Speed Medical LLC Active, Tappan Speed Portugal Inc. Active, Cheyenne Speed Racer, Inc. Active, Park City Speed Retail LLC Active, Beaverton Speed To Roi LLC Active, Buffalo Speed Trading LLC Active, Beaverton SpeeDee Worldwide Corporation Active, PALM BEACH GARDENS SpeeDee Worldwide Realty Corporation Active, PALM BEACH GARDENS SpeedingSoftware Active, Cheyenne SpeedLending.com Active, Speedline USA LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Speeds Heating and Cooling, LLC Active, Lander Speedup, LLC Active, Laramie Speedway LLC Active, Findlay Speedway Properties, LLC Active, Cheyenne Speedway Storage LLC Active, Cheyenne Speedway Super Stop Active, Speedworxx Welding, Inc. Active, Riverton Speedy Active, Speedy Barcodes, LLC Active, Cheyenne Speedy Coffee Shots LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Coral Springs Speedy Gonzalez Trucking L.L.C. Active, Rock Springs Speedy Heavy Hauling Services Active, Speedy Landscaping, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Newcastle Speedy Lube Active, SPEEDY NOTES INCORPORATED Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Buffalo Speedy Release Bail Bonds Active, Speedy Title & Appraisal Review Services LLC Active, IRVINE Speedy Wireless Internet, Inc. Inactive - Withdraw/Dissolve/Cancel, Altamont SpeedyTab.com Active, SPEEGLE LLC Active, Buffalo Speight Family Foundation Active, Cheyenne SPEISER SALES, LLC Active, Pembroke Pines Spellbinders LLC Active, Los Angeles SPELLBOUND ENTERPRISES, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Cheyenne Spellbound Products USA Active, Spellbound River Press, LLC Active, Buffalo Spellbound World Markets Active, Spellman Minerals, LLC Active, Arvada Spelts Safety Consultants, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Casper Spelunker Energy Services, LLC Active, Rock Springs Spence, LLC Active, Spence/Lowe Enterprise, LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Spencer Apartments LLC Active, Riverton SPENCER AUSTEN CONSULTING LLC Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax), Spencer Crossing Land Company, LLC Active, Edgemont Spencer Edwards Wealth Management, Inc. Active, Cheyenne Spencer Electric LLC Active, Cheyenne Spencer Fluid Power, Inc. Active, Cleveland Spencer Gifts LLC Active, Egg Harbor Township Spencer Hockett Architecture LLC Active, Atlantic City Spencer Holdings, LLC Active, Riverton SPENCER INTERIORS LLC Active,