Investment Management Account (trademark)

Entity Type Trademark
Entity Number 2007-000529679
Status Active
Sub status Current
Wyoming Formed Date 01/18/2007
Duration/ Expiration Expires 01/18/2017
Home State
Physical Address
Mailing Address PO Box 2680, Casper, 82602, WY, USA

Investment Management Account Applicant

Applicant Hilltop National Bank
300 Country Club Rd, Casper, 82609, WY, USA

Registered Agent

No Agent


Tax Standing Good
RA Standing Good
Other Standing Good

Filed Documents

No filed documents found


The Trademark "Investment Management Account" was registered in 01/18/2007. The mailing address of the organization PO Box 2680, Casper, 82602, WY, USA. Filing number of the Trademark 2007-000529679. Status of the filing Active. Applicant - Hilltop National Bank (300 Country Club Rd, Casper, 82609, WY, USA). Trademark type is Words. Trademark keywords: ""

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