Touch of the West (trademark)

Entity Type Trademark
Entity Number 2003-000447959
Status Active
Sub status Current
Wyoming Formed Date 03/17/2003
Duration/ Expiration Expires 03/17/2018
Home State
Physical Address
Mailing Address 12 Magpie Ln, Cody, 82414-8369, WY, USA

Touch of the West Applicant

Applicant Lauren Tibert Wells
12 Magpie Ln, Cody, 82414-8369, WY, USA

Registered Agent

No Agent


Tax Standing Good
RA Standing Good
Other Standing Good

Filed Documents

No filed documents found


The Trademark "Touch of the West " was registered in 03/17/2003. The mailing address of the organization 12 Magpie Ln, Cody, 82414-8369, WY, USA. Filing number of the Trademark 2003-000447959. Status of the filing Active. Applicant - Lauren Tibert Wells (12 Magpie Ln, Cody, 82414-8369, WY, USA). Trademark type is Words and Design. Trademark keywords: "Unknown (Legacy)"

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